About us

GRANNY SAYS, founded in 2017, is a household product brand compelled by design and function. We are a group of designers, photographers, and artists, inspired by a loving, organized, and chic granny named Alma. She turns simple, ordinary things into practical items, keeping herself and her home organized and chic. We curate our extensive selection of household organization collections from the influence and inspiration of granny, hoping to bring love, order, and style to every household.


GRANNY SAYS cat storage bins
Storage Bins

Do you want to organize your closet or bring order to the playroom?
Our storage bins are were born to fit in any space: on a closet shelf, garment rack, bookshelves, office desk, dresser, in the children's room, or on the wardrobe.

GRANNY SAYS cat hanging organizers
Hanging Organizers

If important items are always hidden in dark drawers or corners of the cabinet, why not hang them up?
Our hanging organizers are practical to utilize the storage space, whether it's in the walk-in closet or in the RV.

GRANNY SAYS cat wicker baskets
Wicker Baskets

What can add a bit of texture and color to your household storage?
With hand-knitted unique textures, our wicker baskets can use as practical storage organizers and add sophistication to any room at the same time.

GRANNY SAYS Amazon Brand Store Mats

Looking to elevate home decor with a touch of style and functionality?
Our entryway mats make a welcoming statement while effectively trapping dirt at your doorstep. And our plush bathroom mats provide a soft underfoot feel and enhance the overall aesthetics of your space.

GRANNY SAYS Amazon Brand Store Best Selling
Best Selling

What can add a bit of decoration to your home?
Top picks from GRANNY SAYS, our best selling storage organizers and groceries can use as practical clothes organisers and add sophistication to any room at the same time.

Granny Cares About You

We accelerate upgrading
our products to suit your needs.

Granny Cares About the Look

We fuse the trendiest
elements into our products.

Granny Cares About the Planet

We minimize materials
used in packaging to reduce waste.

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