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Home in order, love all the sweeter.


Granny says, This is nice.

GRANNY SAYS, founded in 2017, is a household product brand compelled by design and function. We are a group of designers, photographers, and artists, inspired by a loving, witty, organized, and chic granny named Alma. Learned from her granny's experiences, Alma's words usually spark with pearls of wisdom that are condensed from pieces of learning that have been acquired and refined over generations of time.

Granny Alma always says: "Make room for love. Don't let clutters stop you from living your life." This one-of-a-kind granny is smart, brilliant, and self-disciplined. She turns simple, ordinary things into practical items, keeping herself and her home organized and chic. We curate our extensive selection of household organization collections from the influence and inspiration of granny, hoping to bring love, order, and style to every household.